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Our team is waiting for an experienced specialist in the academy!
RemotEmployees is looking for a coach to conduct online courses for customers and employees to improve their professional performance

Pripojte sa!

    Find out the types of courses where we need a teacher

    • For entrepreneurs - training for start-ups in the field of creating and running a business;
    • Personal growth - education on emotional intelligence development;
    • Agile courses - teaching the formation of company goals and their rapid achievement.

    Get acquainted with the main tasks

    The tasks we set for the coach are high-quality training and mastery of various techniques. Moreover, the responsibilities of the specialist will include mentoring and conducting seminars on teaching time management and personal growth. It is important for us that our potential candidate can clearly formulate goals and teach how to achieve them.

    See the types of coaches we are looking for

    • Business - an expert in time management training and business development;
    • Private - a professional in conducting individual training in self-knowledge;
    • Personal growth - a specialist in improving positive personal qualities and self-development;
    • Mentor - a master in personal development and growth;
    • Teacher - an instructor of coaching and mentoring courses.

    We are looking for a specialist with a set of certain professional skills

    In order to be able to teach other people personal growth, a specialist must be a supporter of self-education and personal development. Our ideal candidate has great human potential, set up to optimize the work of the whole team and seeks professional development.

    Check out the vacancy and send your resume

    • A training manager is a specialist who advises and imparts his / her knowledge to the development;
    • An expert is a teacher of personal growth and self-development;
    • A coach is a master in training to achieve goals in various areas of business.
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