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Are you fluent in Spanish but have no experience? Are you looking for a remote Spanish translator job? Then you are at the right place! RemotEmployees offers the job of Spanish translator even without any experience, but with English skills at B1 level or above. Over 200 employees trust us. In our company, you can find a permanent job in IT, get a stable salary, grow and develop continuously, and most importantly, you can work remotely.

Pripojte sa!

    The Spanish interpreter must:

    • be proficient in Spanish;
    • be able to translate texts from Russian into Spanish and from Spanish into Russian;
    • work on texts with a high literacy rate;
    • not only translate but also write texts;
    • know the language terminology and its usage;
    • know English;
    • use PC and office software at an advanced level;
    • have a desire to learn, practice, and improve your existing skills.
    Our ideal candidate should be ready for high volumes of work. In our company you will communicate with European partners and work on their projects. Our employees not only translate texts, but also write original texts for posting them on websites and other information platforms. From our candidate, we expect a good command of Spanish in oral and written form, as well as high communication skills.
    Remote Spanish translator jobs at RemoteEmployees are an incredible opportunity for those who have a degree in Spanish or have completed professional language courses but have no experience yet. We can teach you and offer you a unique experience in the field you are interested in.


    Just record video interview in English and send it to us to get a job as a Spanish Translator as soon as possible!

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