Teacher for video editors

We are waiting for an experienced specialist to join the team
Our company is looking for a teacher with video editing knowledge to train employees, clients and conduct courses at the online academy.

Pripojte sa!

    Types of courses

    • editing lessons - teaching the basics for creating a movie or video;

    • for beginners - assembling from scratch for employees and customers;

    • on the phone - educating editor tools to work on the phone.

    The main responsibilities

    Your tasks will be to explain the process of working on assembling and processing material for its change and editing, as well as training in necessary tools. The grammatically correct speech will help to уexpress thoughts clearly, as the main duty is the ability to clearly explain the material to students.

    Types of teachers

    Private - a teacher for a teacher for individual assembling training.

    Group - conducting group editing classes for up to 15 people per lesson.

    Corporate - training in editing tools for company staff.

    Remote - teaching with the help of various communication services on a remote basis.

    Individual - working with the student face to face.

    Necessary skills to work in our online academy

    To work at RemotEmployees , you need the following skills: material to work with, knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro, experience in Adobe After Effects for creating and professional video editing, and training in assembling our staff and clients. Remember to motivate students, to achieve their goals.

    Look through our vacancies

    Teacher - a specialist able to present the knowledge necessary for work.

    Mentor - an expert in the field of assembling.

    Trainer - a tutor of work on editing videos.

    Record a video resume about yourself in English and send it to us. Don't miss your chance to start remote work as a video editing teacher.
    Hurry up to record a video interview and get a job!

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