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RemotEmployees is looking for an English teacher! We will help you learn new skills and knowledge. In addition, you will gain invaluable experience working with international customers. You will be able to improve your English and learn to work with new tools.

Pripojte sa!

    Dreaming about a new job?

    There is probably no person who doesn’t know what a teacher's job is. A teacher is a qualified professional who shares knowledge with students. He is well versed in the material he teaches, knows its intricacies, and can teach others. We are looking for a person open to new knowledge, who doesn’t mind mastering new professional skills too!

    What skills should a teacher have?

    Needless to say, an online English tutor is a highly qualified specialist who is also well-developed in addition to knowledge of the subject. He knows how to approach the student, and present the material just so that the student has mastered it and what to look for in the learning process. RemotEmployees has good news for you! Hurry up to record a video interview and get a job!
    Skills required
    High level of knowledge

    What does an English teacher do?

    It's easy to guess that an English teacher's job is to teach. That's understandable. But how does he do it? In the world of modern technology, it is an unknowable luxury for a teacher to follow only a textbook, no matter how great it may be. A person in this profession is constantly searching for self-improvement and new achievements. He uses various techniques and devices, constantly improving his professional level.

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