Local SEO Teacher

Our company is waiting for a specialist for our team
The company is looking for a Local SEO teacher with experience in the local promotion to train employees and external clients in the online academy

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    Types of courses for employees and clients

    • local promotion for business - teaching to use SEO tools for business owners;
    • for marketers - explanation of the work and practical features to promote the brand;
    • for professionals - training in advanced skills for clients with experience in the field.

    Get acquainted with the main tasks

    The main task of the teacher is to educate employees and clients on the features of Local SEO during theoretical and practical classes. Students need to know search engine algorithms and the basic principles of Internet marketing. Training should take place under the supervision of a mentor to properly monitor the process of smooth and gradual accumulation of knowledge.

    We are looking for a teacher of local search engine optimization to training employees and clients

    • private - an expert who educates a student individually;
    • group - a leading master of group classes with up to 15 people per lesson;
    • professional - course leader, a mentor with high knowledge.

    Learn the skills necessary to work with students

    The teacher of local search engine optimization must have certain skills for giving classes. The trainer must know about Internet advertising, copywriting, and usability. It is also important to be able to conduct a technical audit, to collect the semantic core. The skill of layout of sites using HTML and CSS will be a huge advantage. All this knowledge should be passed on to students by setting an example and helping them through learning.

    Submit your resume for the open vacancy

    • Trainer of courses in Local SEO;
    • Experienced specialist in the field of search engine optimization;
    • A mentor for beginners without any knowledge of marketing.
    Record a video interview and tell us about your skills and knowledge
    The vacancy of a Local SEO teacher is waiting for you - just leave a request, and we will contact you as soon as possible!

    RemotEmployees is looking for an experienced teacher! Hurry up to record a video interview and get a job!

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