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Our company is looking for an experienced specialist remotely
We are looking for a mentor with high knowledge of copywriting, SMM, and teaching to work as an internet marketer for staff training and courses.

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    Types of training courses for employees

    • conducting courses for future managers in the field of business;

    • training in the creation and promotion of any type;

    • learn marketing strategies to improve your online business.

    The teacher's future responsibilities

    Your main task will be to conduct a professional course on content, which includes learning about the nuances of working with admins. You will conduct marketing training aimed at attracting the attention of consumers. In addition, your task is to lead courses, after which students will become experts in this field.

    Learn about the types of online mentors

    Private -a mentor with knowledge in this field and the ability to apply them in practice;

    Remote - leader of courses on working with content;

    Group - mentor of group courses on creating quality material.

    Learn about the types of online mentors

    To work with us, you will need time management skills to set the right priorities and experience as a marketer with copywriting, and SMM skills to write quality texts. Moreover, the main criterion will be the ability to build a company's content strategy for professionally maintaining a brand or personal account. A big plus will be the availability of basic knowledge about creating sites and understanding what a clientID is to identify unique visitors.

    Check out our vacancies for specialists

  • Mentor for teaching basic tools in this field; 
  • Leader of courses on teaching marketing strategies;
  • Teacher for learning to create content.
  • RemotEmployees is looking for an experienced content management teacher! Hurry up to record a video interview and get a job!
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