Front-end Tutor

We are looking for an employee to work remotely
Our company is looking for an experienced online front-end web developer to deliver courses for our staff and clients at the online academy.

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    Types of training courses

    HTML training – based on learning the peculiarities of the HyperText Markup Language during the course.
    Web development – aimed at mastering tools for web application building.
    Mentor-led – under the supervision of a coach, one can learn how to optimize the public part of the page.

    Learn more about the main tasks

    The course instructor’s responsibilities will include teaching mobile application development software. In addition, practical training based on front-end development is being conducted. Lecturing on web application building will be an additional task.

    Look through the specialists

    Private – face to face training courses.
    Group – group classes.
    Corporate – training is aimed at teaching employees the basics of the specialization.

    Skills required

    Experience in website prototyping is our candidate’s greatest benefit. The key requirements for getting our applicant hired are teaching experience, the ability to communicate and find a common language with students. Structured thinking, distinct and competent speech are also significant for distance learning. Prototyping, project creation, and productivity analysis would all be beneficial.

    Submit your CV for the position at once

    Tutor – training courses focused on this field.
    Mentor – a teacher providing basic background and delivering practical classes.
    Teacher – specialist having a high standard of knowledge and teaching skills.
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