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We are looking for a qualified specialist to join the team
A growing company is looking for a copywrite tutor with experience in text writing to train staff and conduct classes at our online academy.

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    Types of training courses:

    • Courses – an exploration of the copywriting specificities during several courses;
    • Training – training based on mastering copywriting tools;
    • Training from scratch – mastering the art of text writing under the mentor’s supervision.

    Learn more about the skills required

    During theoretical and practical classes, the tutor’s primary responsibility is to teach clients the basics and features of copywriting. Students must learn how to use copywriting tools, write sales texts, and make up native articles. Training should take place under the supervision of a mentor to properly monitor the process of smooth and gradual knowledge accumulation.

    Types of specialists:

    • Private – face to face training;
    • Remote – training with the help of online video communication services, namely Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc.;
    • Group – an expert on delivering group copywriting courses.

    Find out more about the skills

    An expert must possess specific skills to conduct training courses. The key requirements for getting our candidate hired are teaching experience, the ability to communicate and find a common language with students. A structured mindset, the ability to find considerable answers with plenty of minor questions, coherence, and a high literacy are also significant for distance learning because they contribute to the students’ successful results.
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