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We are actively looking for an experienced specialist
Our company is looking for an experienced PPC expert with a high standard of this specialty knowledge to provide training courses for the staff and conduct classes at our online academy

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    Look through different types of tutor-led training courses

    • For beginners

    Delivering marketing courses for staff and clients


    • For internet marketers

    Training based on mastering tools intended for promotion


    • For business people

    Training aimed at learning PPC intended for business-related working people

    Learn more about the tasks

    The primary responsibility of the specialist is to teach the complexities of using Pay-Per-Click marketing tools. Under the direction of an experienced mentor, students will be trained in contextual advertising technologies in both theoretical and practical ways. The instructor must demonstrate how to create a contextual advertising campaign from the ground up, establish a traffic attraction strategy, and deal with the semantic core.

    Types of online tutors

    • Remote 

    Training based on mastering methods and campaign strategies


    • Group 

    Delivering group courses PPC-related


    • Professional 

    Mentor providing high-level skills training

    Find out the skills

    A teacher must possess a specific skill set. The capacity to evaluate ad campaigns, for example, using Google Analytics tools, is the most important ability. Understanding the methods of creating advertising campaigns as well as targeting is the next critical skill. Working with students implies having strong communication skills, distinct articulation, responsibility, and attention to detail.

    Look through the Job Vacancy. Teaching skills are required

    • Remote – Training intended for students wanting distance learning;
    • Private  – Mentor for beginners;
    • Lead specialist  – Expert-led courses on tasks and methods
    Record video interview and tell us about your skills and knowledge and we'll contact you as soon as possible!
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