Swedish Translator

Vacancy with knowledge of English (B1 +) full time
A Swedish translator with English knowledge (B1+) is required to work on foreign projects. Full-time remote job.

Pripojte sa!

    If you know Swedish well, have a deep insight into Swedish culture, and are a broad-minded person, we can’t wait to have you on our friendly team! No experience as a translator? Don't worry! Here you will be able to try your hand at translating Swedish. You will gain a priceless experience and expand your knowledge!

    Who are we?

    RemotEmployees is an outstaffing company that provides jobs for Ukrainians in foreign projects in the fields of IT and Digital marketing.We cooperate with representatives of the European market, so we are looking for specialists with knowledge of different foreign languages to join our team. Our ideal candidate should have a good command of Swedish to be able to communicate verbally and in written form with our clients. You should be ready to work in teams and on individual projects. It goes without saying that you should be well organized in order to work more efficiently.
    What do we offer?
    Golden opportunity to cooperate with the European and American markets
    Flexible work schedule
    Stable salary
    Professional development
    Opportunity to work remotely, just from home

    Our expectations:

    • Proficiency in the Swedish language;
    • Quick information perception;
    • High literacy rate;
    • Desire to be trained;
    • Ability to meet deadlines;
    • Ability to be coherent;
    • Ability to respond and aim for the given task without hesitation;
    • Knowledge of additional European languages is an advantage.
    Do you want to get a job as a Swedish translator? Then record a video interview and send it to us as soon as possible!

    Join us!

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