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We are looking for a remote specialist
The company is looking for an experienced SMM mentor with a high standard of social media promotion knowledge to deliver courses for the staff and conduct classes at our online academy.

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    Types of courses

    • for beginners – mastering basics, orientation course.

    • training – learning social media tools for brand promotion.

    • courses – discovering social media management through several courses.

    Learn more about the future tasks

    Teacher’s primary responsibility is to help trainees master social media marketing, regardless of their experience and knowledge. Explanation of social media basics, its tools, and specificities for beginners must be easy to understand and based on real-life examples. To explain the importance of speciality for marketers, you must be up-to-date on the latest marketing trends. Learning about this field is an excellent way for content managers to improve their skills and become more successful specialists. Furthermore, SMM knowledge for company owners will be an effective way for successful brand promotion and attracting new clients.

    Types of tutors that we need

    • Remote - private tutor, one-to-one training with the help of online video communication services, namely Google Meet, Zoom, Skype.
    • Group - mentor-led group classes (up to 15 trainees).
    • Professional - expert in coaching and delivering high-quality PPC courses.

    Learn more about the skills required

    Our candidate must possess specific skills. It is necessary to have a deep understanding of Internet marketing, including the principles, techniques, and latest networks trends. Practical experience in Internet marketing is also essential for teaching students a social media marketing background since the teaching process implies setting examples. Copywriting skills are also crucial since content writing is an indispensable component of SMM. Strong communication skills will be an additional advantage, contributing to successful results.

    Look through the vacancies

    Course mentor - an experienced social media promotion specialist.
    Online teacher - a specialist can explain the importance of speciality in modern marketing.
    Tutor - a mentor who has deep knowledge in the field.
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