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The company is looking for an experienced specialist
Open vacancy for a teacher with knowledge of virtual reality technologies for staff training and online academy courses

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    Types of courses for our employees and clients

    • virtual reality courses - educating the main features during several courses;
    • intensives - learning individual topics in a short time with full coverage of the material;
    • training - teaching the development of virtual reality applications under the guidance of a specialist.

    The main tasks in the online academy

    • mentoring with VR;
    • educating beginners in this field;
    • conducting theoretical classes;
    • giving practical lessons for students.

    Tasks of the teacher

    The tasks we set for the VR experts are high-quality training and theoretical classes. Moreover, the coach will be responsible for mentoring and conducting seminars. An important addition will be practical lessons for both employees and external clients.

    We are looking for such types of specialists

    • Individual  - educates face-to-face using video conferencing;
    • group - gives classes up to 15 people per lesson.

    Learn the set of skills needed for online learning

    For successful work, the candidate must have experience teaching and knowledge of the 3d modeling program. You will do well if you can think critically. The experience of creating applications and the desire for professional development are essential.
    Submit your resume for a Virtual Reality teacher vacancy
    • leading distance learning courses for students;
    • teacher of courses on creating concepts of the virtual world aimed at increasing traffic on the site;
    • mentor for practical implementation of projects for brand optimization.

    Record a video interview and tell us about your skills and knowledge. Just leave a request, and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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